Katie Winterbourne

15 Ways To Use Intuition In Your Business

Many highly successful business people will tell you that they use their intuition in order to gain success.

Intuition on its own without logic would be crazy but somehow logic without intuition is accepted, these two function from opposite sides of the brain. Intuition is left brain activity and logic or linear thinking is produced on the right side of the brain.  If both sides of your brain were activated simultaneously, think of the potential and the possibilities you and your business would gain.

15 ways to use intuition in your business

  • Decision-making.
  • Gain clarity and answers to difficult situations and questions.
  • Product development.
  • Creating new strategies.
  • Productivity.
  • Stress management.
  • Team building.
  • Improving worker relationships.
  • Creating happier working environments.
  • Changing the energy of the people and the environment.
  • Unifying and aligning the business.
  • Uncovering and understanding problems in the business and knowing the best way to improve.
  • Recognising the needs of the business and their employees.
  • Mediation – helping to understand difficult business relationships.
  • Gaining clarity on direction, vision and where best to focus.

Michael Munn is a former aerospace chief scientist for Lockheed, an award-winning engineer who managed multi-million dollar covert projects.

Munn and his teams worked on tough technical problems for which there were no text books because they were working at the cutting edge of discoveries.

One example of their work was to stop Russian nuclear bombs in space. Munn credits their success to the use of brief meditative periods throughout the day so that they had time to listen to their intuition. Munn says, “How do I know the answers are there? I see pictures or movies or dreamlike sequences. I have an immediate inner knowing that this is the answer for which I was waiting. My intuition lets me know, ‘This is it!”’

Through a willingness to combine intuition and reason, you gain the leading edge. Using intuition gives you more ultimate control and advantages in life and business.

Widen the lens on your business and combine intuition and right brain functioning to add more creativity, humor, and the ability to solve problems quicker, to reach goals and to manage people more effectively.