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Katie Winterbourne is an internationally respected intuitive, modern day visionary and inspirational speaker.   A Facilitator of positive change, with an effortless connection to an infinite wisdom she is able to illuminate any subconscious issues that may be limiting growth, purpose and ultimately joy.  She empowers her clients to develop their own intuition, creativity, business and personal fulfillment.

Harrods Urban Retreat recognised the rise in holistic treatments and when introduced to Katie in 2004 believed that her session would be a great offering. Katie became known as the Inner Beauty Expert. She enjoyed a three-month waiting list and lots of media interest. In 2015 Katie left Urban Retreat to pursue other projects.

Katie has spent her life exploring and enhancing her abilities to enable her to share with you ways to discover, experience and realise your unlimited potential and the joy of being everything you were born to be.

When Katie isn’t working from her London practice or connecting virtually with her international client base she can be found balancing the demands of work, motherhood and the rich inner life of spiritual spaciousness.

Katie’s transformative work has inspired features in numerous publications including Vogue, Elle, Woman & Home, The Sunday Times and Tatler. She has been an inspirational speaker for many high profile events such as Marie Claire @Work Live and on the expert panel for London ILTM future trends.


DELVE DEEP She has a powerful ability to delve to the core of your emotional world and sift through whatever she finds.  Once she tunes into your energy and your mind it’s uncanny how clearly she articulates what is going wrong- and right- in your life. Depending on your individual situation, the process can help you focus more positively on the future, clear away emotional blockages or simply bring you contentment. CALGARY AVANSINO


THE TIMES – COOLHUNTER Katie Winterbourne is perfect for those of us with a cynical nature and a mistrust for anything that doesn’t have wodges of scientific data (of which, read, proof) attached. As an Intuitive Winterbourne says she tunes into ‘vibrations of consciousness’, which in turn enable her to empower her clients.  She doesn’t prescribe –in other words she doesn’t tell you what to do (she leaves that to the psychics), but she does suggest and guide people towards what she calls ‘positive outcome’. TINA GOUDOIN


WOMAN&HOME IT WORKED FOR ME It was soothing, healing and informative experience and I left slightly shocked because I had been skeptical.  It was as though a great weight had been lifted and confirmed to me that it was possible to have my life and my dreams come into reality. JAN COLLIER


BEAUTIQUE SOUL THERAPY Nourishing to your soul in the way that a good quality cream leaves you glowing, Katie is particularly skilled at breaking damaging behaviour patterns.  Gentle, wise and non-judgmental, she often precedes sentences with ‘I hate to tell you off but…’ only to offer the kind of non-threatening advise you only wish your friends could conjure up in times of need.
Perhaps the most important is her ability to feel actual emotions that belong to those around her, the results of which is a calming, immediately relaxing sense of peace. An hour spent with this extra-terrestrial fairy godmother is a cellulite cream short of life-changing. ERICA MALLOY


THE DAILY MAIL EMOTIONAL RESCUE One certain sign there is a sea of change occurring is that Harrods Urban Retreat, once home to only the most luxurious spa treatments, now has an ever growing band of holistic therapists – perfect for those who are too afraid to trek too far from their comfort zone. During my session, which felt more like a heart to heart with a friend we unearthed the importance and meaning of making my life better in ways that I hadn’t even imagined. It put a spring in my step that is still with me. SUMMER LITCHFIELD


ELLE Katie’s ability to pick up on my exact emotions was extremely comforting. I feel like I’d received good advice and was the calmest I’d been in weeks. ELLETESTS

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