Katie Winterbourne

Work Your Intuition

There is a huge misconception that business is driven by logic, analysis, and all right brain functions.  If you ask any successful business person the secret to their success, the answer may surprise you.

Richard Branson said: “I can tell you that when I have to decide whether or not to go ahead with a new venture, I have often found that intuition is my best guide.”

The function of the left-brain is a gut response, instinct, to move with the feeling, intuition. It is ridiculous to presume that one can work without the other, logic without intuition, intuition without logic.  So what is the truth about using intuition in business?

To begin with, understanding and managing the power of personal energy is paramount in trusting your intuition.

Energy and the management of energy within the realms of business and the environment, once understood can be utilised in creating, not only more pleasant working situations and dynamics, but also easier transactions and a more fluid approach to business. Once we have learned to master our own energy, we gain greater power, and with clear intention and focus, that power and energy can transform rapidly.

Understanding the movement of energy and learning to trust instinct, helps to create a stress free and more enjoyable place of work. In the rapid world of constant change, it is important to acknowledge, monitor and understand how you and your own personal energy has an effective power.

The psychology of self and the return to the authentic self helps to give you a stable foundation to make a coherent and authentic decision within the business model.

A new way of thinking is being understood and now it is time to empower and acknowledge the place that intuition will have within business.