Katie Winterbourne

12 Ways To Manage Your Sensitivity

Do you feel too sensitive for this world, is life too noisy? Too fast? Too overwhelming?

Do you want to learn how to be in this world, to be a fully functioning human being without always feeling that you’re failing at what looks to be the simplest thing for everyone else around you?

Sensitivity definitely has some big downfalls but once you start to see and to feel and to fully understand and focus on what is so special about you – without just feeling fragile and weak, life starts to get interesting.

There are definitely things we consciously have to choose not to do. In my experience, being sensitive and making sure I make conscious choices now keep my sensitivity in a realm that I function brilliantly, in some senses exceptionally, I am now able to allow my sensitivity to create a fulfilling and valuable part of my life and my work without pushing myself to do things that I know I will need recovery time for afterward.

I quickly learned that if I focused on my shortcomings then I was always going to feel like a failure, I would always be chasing my tail and I would always feel DIFFERENT.

“As far as I’m concern normal is just a setting on a washing machine”

12 ways to manage your sensitivity

Here are some tried and tested ways to really nurture your sensitivity so that it can start working for you rather than against you.

-Avoid busy, highly sensory situations, these can overwhelm your nervous system and make you feel very tired.

-Be aware of what makes you feel good, HSP tend to have to focus on health, well being and their diet more than other people

-Use your sensitivity in the best situations. Sensitive’s tend to be creative, musical, inspiring, healing.  Find a positive outlet for your sensitivity to really shine.

-Give yourself more time than you need.  Highly sensitive people need to manage time more. If you’re rushed it will have a detrimental effect on how you feel when you arrive.

-Breathe, deep, replenishing breaths. When you half breathe you half live. I notice with myself that when I feel overwhelmed, my breath is shallow and I don’t have an awareness of my body, breathing rectifies this.

-Take baths – baths seem to be the remedy not just to achy muscles but to energy overload, add some Epsom salts and you’ll feel aligned in no time.

-Drink plenty of water – water helps to filter through not just toxins in the body but energetic toxins too.

-Meditate – When we are sensitive we usually ‘check out’, disassociation is a common mechanism that doesn’t allow the sensitive to live fully.  Meditating grounds you and keeps you balanced.

-Tree hug- Ok so maybe this is a touch too far. When we are away from the electromagnetic energy of computers, mobile phones and city life we automatically come back to balance.  Nature is a perfect healer of overwhelm.  I thoroughly recommend a dog to get you out and about, Sunshine my dog has been the best thing to keep me balanced and motivated to get out even in the rain.

-Surround yourself with people with good vibes – don’t underestimate how other people affect your sensitivity.  If this isn’t always possible use your imagination- visualize yourself surrounded by mirrors all facing outwards, anything that you don’t want can get reflected away from you.

-Turn everything off – Phones, TV’s, anything that causes noise.  I am especially sensitive to what I watch on the Television, for over 15 years now I haven’t watched the news and I seem to know more of what is going on in the world than many of my friends that do!

-Tidy as you go – part of the Sensitive is the disorganization that can follow you around, it may sound like we are making excuses for being messy but this is another trigger for overwhelm.  I have to tidy as I go otherwise it all gets too much.  A tidy space is a tidy mind.

-Embrace your sensitivity, nourish it, love it and before you know it, it will become your super power!