Katie Winterbourne


Katie Winterbourne

I am an Intuitive, balancing the demands of work, motherhood and the rich inner life of spiritual spaciousness.
From as far back as I can remember I have always been able to see to sense and to feel what wasn’t being said.  As a child I thought everyone was like me, that everyone could do this.  I quickly learnt this wasn’t so.

As I completed the usual requirements of school, college and university, I became increasingly restless and more questioning and dissatisfied.  I tried all the things that I hoped would give me a sense of belonging, purpose and joy, but somehow these always fell short. There was always an inner knowing that there was more to experience, more to life than what was on offer.

This feeling sent me on a journey. Four years, four Continents, numerous weird, wonderful and sometimes crazy experiences, multiple teachers, Gurus, techniques, attunements, awakenings and then ultimately, the answer to the feeling that had taken me all over the world became clear.

When I had stopped asking questions, and I became quiet enough to hear… All the wisdom and knowledge and guidance filtered through me.  It was within the inner silence that the answers finally came. I have spent my life exploring and enriching my abilities, to enable me to share with you how to discover, experience and realise your unlimited potential and the joy of being everything you were born to be.

I have honed and integrated this gift so that I have a direct connection to a Divine source. I know now that this gift has been given to me so that I may share with others the magic that life can hold.  This connection has guided my work ever since.

I am not a teacher, a Guru, or a Sage, what I can be for you is a tour guide for your soul to take you home to yourself where everything you are seeking can be found.

Katie Winterbourne