Katie Winterbourne

Living Life With Inner Sense

I am new to the world of blogging so please be gentle. I have decided to put some of the musing, teachings, and insights that are part of my every day down in a blog so that you may share in the discoveries and see the potential within your own life.

I recently found myself wondering about the balance of life. The thought I had was related to a question that had been asked of me within an interview that I had been part of. The question posed was along the lines of ‘Do you ‐ and if you do, how do you enhance or protect your gift as an Intuitive’.

My answer was fluid and out of interest to you, I spoke about the need for balance and how being in nature helps, drinking lots of water, feeling protected so that protection isn’t really necessary, using positive visualizations to enhance and increase positive outcomes, meditation… I talked at length and then as an afterthought, I added that these are the things that help but that it wasn’t always easy to do them, and often in a busy life, they were the first things to be neglected. It takes strong will and discipline to make these things a part of our everyday habits.

Making sure that I wasn’t painting a saint‐like image of myself I also added that balance in life was what really makes my work, my gift, my intuition stronger, a glass of wine on a sunny day, dancing to music that I love, walking my dog, introspection, retrospection observation and meeting the sense world as much as the spiritual, is equally a part of looking after the gift.

One presumes, spiritual acts such as meditation, yoga, hours of reflection and a clean diet will enhance and look after a sensitive, in fact, there is a part of me that recognises and is sometimes reminded, that too much of the spiritual can knock you, as much off balance as too much of the material. Interestingly enough once I had pondered this, I also recognized that being in joy especially when your gift is predominately working on healing and solving problems is the best and most important part of staying balanced.

I understand much more clearly than ever the need to be in the world, my ability to be spiritual is second nature, being human, on the other hand, takes a lot more effort. One without the other is only half the experience. As much as it is important to enjoy the material world it is also important to honor the spirit. To focus only on one would be to know a day without a night or to have only half the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

A full-bodied dose of material human grounded-ness with a healthy dose of spirit is the key to a joyful existence.