Katie Winterbourne

7 Ways To Meet Your Own Potential

When the answer to the questions couldn’t be found and contemplating my navel turned me inside out, and focusing on the why, why, why? Exhausted every fiber of my being the only place to go was within.  I surrendered, I shut-up, I hung up my boots on the quest to find myself and in that surrendered exhausted moment, all questions I felt needed answering no longer mattered and the search for true meaning ironically was over because everything I had been looking for was right here.

In this spaciousness where my head became quiet and my body stilled, I connected to something far greater than I could have ever imagined, I connected to a higher consciousness that knew exactly how to hold me up and guide me through this dimension we call life.  It gave me the kind of clarity that rises up from a still knowing wisdom and created in-roads to life that I hadn’t been able to see before.

The deeper my surrender, the more I communed with this energy the more I realized the awakening I was experiencing needed to be shared.

Through my own adventures, I have learned to live my life on purpose, in alignment and most importantly joyfully.

“The road less traveled is worth the risk”

7 ways to meet your own potential

Surrender – Jump into the flow of the river of life, let go of the banks and stop swimming against the current.  Ask yourself what it would look like if you truly trusted that everything would be ok, then stay with that feeling for as long as you can as if you were programming it into the cells of your being.

Give it over to the Universe – when you can’t find the answer or you feel lost, stuck or unclear, ask specifically that you’ll be shown, and remember you have to stay open to receiving the answer.  They don’t always come in ways that we expect.

Follow the breadcrumbs – Most of us want to have reached the summit before we have got a foothold on the mountain.  Be exactly where you are at, completely present, noticing when the energy flows and contracts and then like stepping stones jump from each one cultivating curiosity as you move into the flow again.

You choose – Conscious awareness is a huge part of living in alignment and using your awareness to make choices not just about what you do but also about how you feel and how you respond or react to life.

Be a visionary – Everything starts with a dream, nourish your most creative thoughts, write them down, share them and then make steps to making them a reality.

Don’t be a victim, be a survivor– there are a million reasons not to do something, you only need one good reason to do it.  The universe is a loving benevolent place waiting for you to ‘ask’ so that it can give you what your heart desires.  We can blame the government, the weather, our parents, the dog, not having enough money…  If you want something to happen you’ll always be able to find a solution.

Connect– It may be through meditating, walking in nature listening to music, whatever it is that helps you to feel like you are raising your vibration, keep doing it.