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15 Ways To Use Intuition In Your Business

Many highly successful business people will tell you that they use their intuition in order to gain success. Intuition on[...]

3 Ways To Spark Your Inner Beauty

As a teenager, I would spend hours trying to find the perfect top that would cover my bum, because being[...]

12 Ways To Manage Your Sensitivity

Do you feel too sensitive for this world, is life too noisy? Too fast? Too overwhelming? Do you want to[...]

A Gentle Wonder

“Not all who wander are lost” Token My eldest daughter just came back from her first trip to New York[...]

7 Ways To Meet Your Own Potential

When the answer to the questions couldn’t be found and contemplating my navel turned me inside out, and focusing on[...]

Living Life With Inner Sense

I am new to the world of blogging so please be gentle. I have decided to put some of the[...]

Work Your Intuition

There is a huge misconception that business is driven by logic, analysis, and all right brain functions.  If you ask[...]